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GraalVM is made at Oracle Labs, which is the department of Oracle for research and development teams. GraalVM is a high performance polyglot virtual machine that supports many languages and is embeddable in native and java applications. GraalVM is high performance which means it runs your programs fast. It is polyglot meaning that it will support running programs in different languages and that you can mix these languages inside a single program. It is embeddable, so you can enhance your existing application, whether it is a Java application or a native application. The project is open source and is completely written in Java.

gRPC is a high-performance RPC framework created by Google. It uses Protocol Buffers to exchange data between services instead of JSON. Google is using it for almost all its internal communication. If Google is using gRPC, why is the biggest part of the software engineering world still using REST?

Imagine two persons that have an important secret to share with each other. This requires them to communicate in a private manner. However, there is an eavesdropper nearby that also want that information and tries to intercept the secret. So the two people decide to communicate the information in some secret code. They will send their secret information with a lock on it where only they know the combination. Putting the lock on the message is known as encryption. They can see the shared secret by opening the message with the code they shared in advance. Opening this message by removing the lock is called decryption. Cryptography starts where you use virtual locks instead of physical locks. These virtual locks are called ciphers. Using these Ciphers a message becomes unreadable for an eavesdropper unless the eavesdropper finds a way to create the secret code used to encrypt or decrypt the message.