Business & Analytics

Cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things; Take the leap from CAPEX toward OPEX, from data toward information, and from connected devices toward an integrated ecosystem. From cost reduction toward business accelerator. We help you on your way from trend toward strategy.

IT Architecture

Do you wish to move your cost structure from one based on capital costs to one based on operational costs. From traditional IT to Cloud, translation of analytics to IT decisions. IT as ecosystem within an organization. Be prepared for Internet of Things. Our architects will help you to create a stable and visionary architecture.

Data Analytics & BI

BigData realizes opportunities for efficiency, insight and innovation. Through the deployment of specialists in the field of data mining, data analysis, and translation of data to business strategies, Bright Cubes helps you to discover, clarify, and utilize these opportunities.

Project Management & Scrum

The success of projects and development processes are dependent on a complete team. A good project manager, scrum master or agile manager plays a crucial part in this. Bright Cubes has the right expertise to accelerate technical teams.


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